Venø church

Venø church

Venø church is Danmarks smallest church. The internal measurements of the church are 4.2 x 9.8 meters, area 41.2 m2. At the latest restoration of the church, the underlaying basis has been wish for "better accessibility for all" and new art.

The main idea was to bring the church back to an open, bright and more ascetic expression - inspired both by the reformation and the distinctive white walls made with special materials. Where the new restoration forms a homogenous and anonymous background for both the new altarpiece and the special preserved interior, the pulpit, the baptismal font, the chandelier, the altar silver and the paintings, which all appear with renewed distinctive character and strength.

Dan Ljungar: "We chose the Trinitatis pendant lamps from Okholm Lighting because of its simple and anonymous design, which fits with the new elements we have added to the church, both the design and the materials. The many pendant lamps create a toned-down curtain of light that supports the daylight from the windows without overdoing it. At the same time, they ensure a good light at all seats which results in a better accessibility for all, even for the visually impaired."

Okholm Lighting has also restored the historic chandelier at the baptismal font and delivered Dybbøl ceiling luminaires.

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