MT Højgaard

Light schulptures for MT Højgaard

Signe Guttormsen has marked herself with a type art, which isn't for museum's and gallery's, but for institutions, private companies and public spaces. This is seen in the sunshades for MT Højgaard new head office in Søborg. 

The visual artist Signe Guttormsen has created an integrated artwork for MT Højgaards foyer.

On the site of the new building, there used to be a gasholder which was built by the engineering and boiler company Vølund, and which had stood there for more than 30 years. Had it been today, it would have been a job for MT Højgaard.

Signe Guttormsen employs this idea in the artwork. The design of the gasholder's roof construction is mirrored 1:1 in the floor of the foyer. The gasholder lift, or cap, which rises and falls depending on gas consumption in the surrounding homes, has provided the inspiration for a large circular light fixture suspended above the floor.

The light fixture has been created in cooperation with Okholm Lighting. It comprises a steel pipe design with unfinished steel pipes and visible welds. The LED ring is made of unfinished aluminum and shines the light downwards through a frosted diffuser.

Photographer: Jan Søndergaard.

Technical specifications: