ECCO Conference Center


The lighting system inside and outside the ECCO Conference Center was designed, manufactured and supplied by OKHOLM LIGHTING in cooperation with ECCO's own designers, the lead consultants INGENIØR’NE and the architectural firm DISSING + WEITLING.

The ECCO Conferrence Center was created with the aim of uniting the architectural expression of the building with the strong values that characterise ECCO. The result is in every way exceptional. The imposing low-energy building is a holistic experience that supports ECCO's identity. Emphasis has been placed on innovation, tradition, craftmansship, technology and energy. The hallmark of the lighting at the ECCO Hotel and Conference Center has been the demand for high lighting quality, functionalty, environmental friendliness, operating costs and attention to detail.

The hallmark of the task has been "detail, custom design and light quality" - qualities that OKHOLM LIGHTING epitomises. A great deal of attention has been lavished on the details in this beautiful building - and it has been an exciting, professionally challenging and instructive task to provide the lighting for a project in which everything comes together to form a synthesis.

Technical specifications:
  • Design:
  • Dissing + Weitling architecture