Light sculptures

Light sculptures

Okholm Lighting has delivered the lighting for the art works of artist and lighting designer Christina Augustesen.

Christina Augustesen works with the gradation between light, darkness and colours in her light sculptures. The light sculptures communicate the sensation of light and colours - and they are composed so that they change in a slow dynamic - where the light intensity changes and new colours arise through the work of a double colour matrix, in which the colour filters are mixed with the colours of the light. The sculptures consist of acrylic sheets with semi-transparent and coloured filters that blur and frame the light. The boxes are installed with a combination of white and RGB (multicoloured) LED. The sculptures are illuminated by daylight or artificial lighting. The artificial lighting is controlled in sequences where the transition from one colour to another vary over time. The control of the installations enables the mixing of the colours and variations of the intensity of the light. The light is preprogrammed and played in different scenarios – and each art work has its own individual programming.

The images show the arts works displayed at the group exhibition "Seeing the Unseen" - shown at Sophienholm (2017). Images show as well the group exhibition "Cirklens Kvadrat" at the Antique Museum in Aarhus. (until June 2018)

Photo Credit and Copyright: Christina Augustesen.

Technical specifications:
  • Material & finish:
  • Wooden frames and acrylic
  • Dimension:
  • 36 x 44 x 10 cm and 100 x 32 x 10 cm (length x width x depth)
  • Light sources:
  • Various combinations of LEDs with white and multi-colour LEDs (RGB). Driver with preprogrammed scenarios.
  • Suspension:
  • Mounted with wall bracket.
  • Safety classifications:
  • II
  • Approval:
  • CE
  • Remark:
  • The works can be delivered in different sizes.
  • Design:
  • Christina Augustesen