Restoration of lighting is a matter of confidence. We at OKHOLM LIGHTING A/S do not compromise. Our work is always top quality. Our offer includes:

  • A fixed price 
  • Gentle carried out craft
  • New wires and sockets
  • Restoration and CE marking according to applicable legal requirements

OKHOLM LIGHTING A/S has restored lighting and other church items for more than 45 years and produced lighting for more than 1.500 churches.

The common restoration process follows these steps:
1. Dismounting of the lighting
2. Cleaning of the surface
3. Manual and machine surface treatment
4. Degreasing to get a clean metallic surface
5. Surface treatment with clear metallic enamel - we offer 10 years of guarantee on the surface treatment.
6. Mounting of new cables and often also sockets.

Technical specifications: