Mads Nørgaard

The Mads Nørgaard chandelier

The chandelier is first and foremost a story about what we know, respect and like about the Mads Nørgaard brand. The inspiration is taken from Nørgaards iconic striped shirts. In the chandelier the stripes are interpreted in a new way, by using a light source - an LED string - as the pivotal factor. The light represents a classic "Nørgaard stripe" of light. At the same time the light indicates the future and the modern - something new and creative.

The chandelier does not aim to appear "distinguished" or "fine" as traditional chandeliers often do. It is made of steel, which contributes to give the chandelier a simple, unpretentious and pleasant expression - like the products from Mads Nørgaard. The configuration and the unusual light source makes the chandelier a natural eye catcher. It can be perceived as a three-dimensional logo that captures the attention of the visitors and identifies Mads Nørgaard - Mads Nørgaard as light.

Technical specifications:
  • Material & finish:
  • Aluminum and plastic.
  • Dimension:
  • Two rings: approx. 1 m circumference and 30 cm high
  • Light sources:
  • Mounted with 7,8m PHOBOS LED
  • Suspension:
  • Wire
  • Safety classifications:
  • III
  • Approval:
  • CE
  • Remark:
  • External drive box with possibility of adjusting the light.
  • Design:
  • Copyright: Marianne Tuxen. Photo: Morten Langebæk