Aabenraa Chapel

Aabenraa chapel

The original chapel building was built in a mix of Danish brick tradition and modernism in the 1930th. The classic style is also used in connection with the extensions. This has played an important role in connection with the choice of lighting for the chapel. Architect Jørgen Toft Jessen says:

"I have attached great importance to underline and emphasize the modernism in the rooms in connection with the now finish restoration of the chapel. This has had a great impact on my choice of materials e.g. white walls, Jura Blaugrau limestones on the floor and the simple Churchill-chair.”
He goes on: “There was no doubt that the two simple uplight types from Okholm Lighting, developed in collaboration with the drawing office, along with the three chandeliers, were the perfect lighting in this connection."

Jørgen Toft Jensen has made a lighting solution, which underlines and emphasizes the character of the room and which is in itself beautiful and modern. Jørgen Toft Jessen has used 3 JTJ chandeliers, 12 JTJ uplight maxi and 12 JTJ uplight mini for the project.

Technical specifications:
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  • Builder/client: Aabenraa parish
  • Design:
  • Jørgen Toft Jessen