Carlsberg Academy

New specially designed lamps for the Carlsberg Academy

Carlsberg has paid for a beautiful restoration of the founder's old villa, which today serves as a conference center. The ambitious project involves leading Danish architects and designers, and in close collaboration with Marianne Tuxen, Okholm Lighting A/S has provided the lighting for the villa's unique rooms and living rooms, Pompeii-hall, and Carlsberg beer bar. With an eye for the style mixes of the time, the villa expresses the ending values in a beautiful way. In the Pompeii Hall, the lighting was completely redesigned and carefully added to this exquisite piece of architecture. The "tulip-shaped" glass of the lamps has been used again and again in all the buildings. When you look out into the Pompeii-Hall, the lighting appears almost like pearls on a string. Also, the wireless "tulip" table lamps are in use in several places in the buildings.

Technical specifications: