Monastery in Schleswig

Graukloster in Schleswig

A successful danish/german collaboration between architect Jørgen W. Overby and dip.eng. Martin Jannsen ends with a unique lighting solution for the Graukloster (a convent) in Schleswig in Germany. The lighting solution perfectly fits the historic style of the convent.

The danish architect Jørgen W. Overby was architect on the restoration of the Graukloster in the years 1982 to 84. Two decades later Overby was again contacted. This time in connection with the repair of the convert due to a deliberately started fire. Architect Overby used this opportunity to change some of the previously choosen solutions. Architect Overby chose lamps from the GREN family for the lighting solution. He says:

The GREN pendants and wall lamps have a very beautiful design, which in material and shape have a historic inspiration. The arm of the Gren wall lamp acts as a new interpretation of the torch. Also, the pendants fit the historic style of the converts.
The detail with the torch and the interaction between the choosen lighting solution and the other solutions of the converts make the project unique.

Technical specifications:
  • Remark:
  • Builder/client: Graukloster and city hall
  • Design:
  • Jørgen Overby / Martin Jannsen